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Back-to-School shopping can be expensive and painful, but it can also benefit your school.  Sign up for Shoparoo and snap those receipts!!!  Each point you earn goes toward FREE money for Yardville Heights!  You’re going to do the shopping and have those long receipts anyway – snap them and give back to YHS!

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Apex FUN Run this week!!!

Hey Parents!
We heard you!!!  You are tired of catalogs and product-based fundraising. We have brought Apex here for the 2nd year in a row to help us raise money for our school. Apex works with the YHS PTA and faculty to build student leaders. The result is a meaningful, hassle-free and financially successful school FUN run.
Apex believes that
  • Every child can change their school, and the world, in a profound way
  • Serving others brings the greatest joy and contributes to the greatest good
  • Learning by doing and exercise are both undervalued and underutilized in fundraising today
  • Encouragement and enthusiasm build others up—we will help build leaders
  • Raising money for your child’s school can also serve as a positive learning experience
  • Many people giving a little reduces the individual burden on the typical givers and donors
Apex is not just fundraising but learning opportunities, every day, for our children. It teaches our children about healthy living skills, teamwork skills, being teachable, being a good listener and a good student.
All fundraisers that we do for Yardville Heights go to
  • school activities
  • snacks at standardized testing time
  • family events
  • field trips
  • agendas and folders
  • other school supplies.
Log into today, and SHARE this fundraiser through social media and email. Every donation goes a long way!