Summer Reading

Summer Reading Folders are due back to your child’s classroom in SeptemberPile of Books
 YHS PTA Summer Reading Program!
The YHS PTA would like to challenge students entering grades K-3 to read and report on 10 grade level books this summer. Books may be read to the younger students, help to complete book report forms may also be given. Students entering grades 4 & 5 will need to read and report on 5 grade level books. Parents are asked to sign and date reports for all students as the reports are completed.Students who successfully meet the requirements of this program will receive a certificate to honor their achievement, as well as an invitation to the Ice Cream Sundae Party when school begins in September.Children are also encouraged to make creative projects (artwork, poetry, stories of their own, etc.) to display in the school’s front lobby on Back to School Night!


Additional Worksheets by Grade Level:


Hamilton Township School District Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program

Download or Print the Hamilton Township Summer Reading Packet

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. I am so happy that the summer reading program at YHS is still so very successful. Barb L and I started this program when our children were at YHS…and I am very pleased that it is still part of the PTA program!!

  2. Maria- That is so nice!!!!! I have one daughter out of YHS and one still in- I love the summer reading program, it is a good incentive for the children.

    So THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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