Healthy Kids

The YHS PTA is committed to helping all our kids grow strong and healthy both inside and out.
See the National PTA Healthy Lifestyles Guide for more information about what the PTA is doing to help our kids grow up healthy.

Below you can find links to more information about how to encourage kids and families to live healthy lives.

Nutrition and Exercise

To encourage healthy eating habits, the YHS Nutrition Policy requires that snacks and drinks shared with classes during school hours should not list sugar in any form as the first ingredient. See the Nutrition Page for a list of healthy snacks to bring to school for class parties and birthdays.

Contact the YHS School Nurse Sharon McCabe at
Contact the YHS Physical Education Teachers at: or

National PTA Physical Activity Guide

Hamilton Area YMCA

Arts and Literature

A child’s growth and development requires more than just a strong body. Children who pursue music, literature, and art are happier and more productive students. Below are links to help encourage learning in the arts.

The PTA Reflections Program was described by its founder, Mary Lou Anderson, as “almost too simple.” That simplicity—of asking children to express themselves artistically based on a common theme—is the foundation of this long-standing PTA program. Learn about the YHS Reflections program here.

Building Healthy Attitudes

Growing up strong and healthy includes learning about the wider world and how to become good citizens and good stewarts to the planet we all must share. Below find links to information about character develpoment and safety.

District Character Ed Page
Green Ideas
Internet Safety
National PTA Guide to Physical Safety

Contact the Guidance Counselor at
Guidance Counselor’s Page

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